Carlisle TyrFil™ is the Only Manufacturer Offering A Comprehensive Tire Protection and Flatproofing Product Line

Carlisle TyrFil™ is pleased to showcase our branded TyrFil™ product line at the helm of our suite of tire protection and flatproofing offerings. However, our wide range of tire protection and productivity solutions certainly doesn’t end there. CarlisleTM is the only manufacturer in the industry to provide an integrated spectrum of tire productivity offerings – ranging from our polyurethane tire fill solution, to our wheel conditioner line designed to ward off rust and corrosion, to our high tenacity, made with Dupont™ Kevlar® industrial grade sealant, and even including our micro-cellular polyurethane light-weight Carefree Tire line.

For the past four decades, our science and R&D teams have been committed to bringing truly innovative, gold standard solutions to the construction, mining, agriculture and other industries where business success is reliant on the superior operation of OTR heavy equipment. Our product brands have been trusted to improve safety and increase productivity in demanding OTR applications in over 65 countries.

TyrFil™ Flatproofing

Carlisle TyrFil™ Flatproofing, also commonly referred to in the industry as “foam fill,” delivers a patented polyurethane formulation that can be easily pumped into any pneumatic tire through the valve stem to replace air and cures into a solid elastomer material that eliminates flat tires. Not only does this flatproofing solution keep tires using TyrFil™ in the field longer, it also offers a significantly more comfortable and less bumpy ride for Off-the-Road equipment operators (versus the “solid shock” and rougher ride typically associated with solid aperture tire use), but it also reduces premature equipment damage. Polyurethane-filled tires simply cause less wear, tear and denigration to vehicle axles and physical structures. TyrFil™ has also been tested and proven to transfer substantially lower g-force impact than solid tires, making it the safer choice for equipment operators.

All of this translates to less downtime and more productivity for foremen and field managers working in the multiple industries who rely on the performance and integrity of their equipment. Equipment outfitted with tires using TyrFil™ flatproofing can easily glide over rough terrain without damage. Sharp rocks, glass and even spiky rebar are no match for TyrFil™ flatproofing, which is virtually resilient to punctures and significantly reduces costly equipment and tire damage. This solution also delivers a strong advantage to industrial operators in many essential commercial fields—such as construction and mining—that are often exposed to extreme weather, fluctuating on-site temperatures, and varied work site conditions.

But while it may be well known that Carlisle Tire FillTM is synonymous with polyurethane fill flatproofing, many in our industry may not be aware that CarlisleTM uniquely also offers a full suite of tire protection solutions. While our two component liquid urethane is a prominent element in our product line- up, CarlisleTM also offers a variety of products to safeguard against a wide range of potential tire problems and sources of deterioration.

TLC Tire and Rim Protection™

CarlisleTM’s TLC Tire and Rim Protection™ conditioner helps to prevent corrosion for longer tire life, easier tire changes, reduced downtime and costs, and overall safer operation. TLC acts as a coolant – conditioning the wheel and coating the inside of rims to protect them from rust and deterioration, making it especially beneficial for equipment operators working in the mining and related industries. CarlisleTM’s tire and rim protection offering was determined by independent field testing to be highly effective in reducing corrosion, with the end result of extending tire life and safeguarding against premature tire failure.

Offering the best continual vapor dispersion to extend the life of both tires and rims, TLC’s advanced rust-inhibiting technology delivers superior resistance against corrosion even in the most extreme weather conditions, available in freeze protection levels from 20° F to -40° F.

Plus, TLC formulas are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous – making them the most comprehensive and versatile form of wheel and rim corrosion protection in the tire industry.

ReSeal™ Tire Protection

ReSeal™ industrial strength tire sealant is a cost-effective, non-hazardous, and military-grade tire sealant (featuring Dupont™ Kevlar® —a durable, high tenacity fiber that is 5X stronger than steel and is used in bullet proof vests) designed for light-weight tire protection for equipment operating in harsh conditions.

ReSeal’s industry-leading rust protection stops expensive wheel and rim replacements. It is formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors, and includes a pH buffer that reduces the risk of algae build-up, making for easy dismounting and tire replacement.

ReSeal™ is also ideal for use with larger tires and heavy-duty equipment. Because it’s easy to use, it is applicable for many off-road applications including all-terrain, waste management, landscaping, ground support, mining operations, agriculture, construction, and military. Additionally, our ReSeal™ formulations can be applied safely in retread tires.

Carefree Tire™

Our lightweight, durable Carefree Tire™ line provides an “air cushioned” ride without adding any significant weight, delivering the assurance and durability of a solid tire with the performance of a pneumatic tire. Carefree Tires are designed specifically for the following industries: medical/mobility, construction small equipment, landscaping and gardening, and hand-operated industrial and commercial equipment.

Carefree Tire’s innovative process of manufacturing is specifically designed to create a tire that has a durable, non-porous outer elastomeric skin with a high-density cellular core consisting of trillions of trapped air cells. Carefree’s design (a flexible, but tough outer skin with a firm tread area) delivers superior resistance to abrasion, cutting, punctures, and chemical attack. The product’s dense micro-cellular core reduces rolling resistance and allows for greater shock absorption. Carefree Tires will last four to 10 times longer than similar pneumatic tires, while still delivering remarkable ease of mobility.

On behalf of all of us at Carlisle TyrFil™, we invite you to get to know the full depth of our tire productivity and protection solutions – and visit a dealer in your area to obtain more information. We value your partnership and patronage and look forward to continuing to offer truly gold standard tire solutions for the many industries we serve.

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