It is almost time for OLD MAN WINTER and unless we prepare for the COLD temperatures, he can cause big problems. This tech tip will explain the effects that cold temperatures have on the TyrFil pneumatic pump systems: TyrFil Flushless Pump and TyrFil 7200 pump.

Pneumatic pump systems are widely used in the tire fill industry and as in the case with any air operated pump, there is a common problem called Air Motor Freezing Up/Air Motor Icing that sometimes occurs in the colder months. Icing causes the air motor to be inoperable and can damage the O-rings and other working parts inside of the air motor. Carlisle offers tips in our TyrFil Flushless Pump Manual (page 29) that offers several options on how to handle this issue. There are pros and cons to these solutions, please call me for details.

I would like to explain in laymen’s terms what is happening during this “Icing” of the air motor and additional ways to help prevent this from happening.

Air is a gas and gases will get hot when they are compressed and then cool rapidly as they expand. This is exactly what is happening with your air motor. The air is released quickly and creates the cooling effect. For example, have you ever touched the copper line that comes from the compressor to the holding tank? It is HOT! The longer the air compressor has to run to keep up with the demand, the hotter the air is going to be. Make sure you have a large enough compressor! The air then cools as it is stored inside the tank or as it is distributed throughout the system. This can result in water in the tank or in the air supply lines, and must be trapped or drained out of the airlines before the moisture reaches the air motor. The best way to do this is to place the water separator as close to the pump as possible.
Another good practice is to have a drop leg or drain valve below the outlet-supply hose to pump and drain the lines and tanks daily.

The other common mistake is the supply hose from the main airline to the pump is sometimes too long and is usually coiled on the floor; this is a natural trap for water. Make the supply hose as short as possible.

There are two other ways icing can be reduced. First, make sure the ambient temperature in the fill room is above 72° F. Also, you can reduce the PSI going into the Air Motor to reduce the cycle rate (80 PSI is normal).

If Icing still occurs, please call the Carlisle Technical Department at (800) 821-4147. Also, please review the WINTER IS COMING article found on our website for additional information to help you prepare for the upcoming cold weather temperatures:


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