Celebrating Earth Month 2022

As we celebrate another Earth Month this 2022 season, it’s important to remember that sustainable production is more than just a buzzword.  While corporate America often talks up the benefits of “green manufacturing,” it’s critical to continue to make tangible progress in actually putting the protocols and technology in place that can make a measurable difference across vertical industries.

Carlisle TyrFil, along with our parent company, Carlisle Construction Materials™, remains committed to doing our part to bring sustainable and ecological innovation to the chemicals manufacturing space year-round.  While our globe will always be dependent on the utilization of chemicals that are fundamental to our international economy (after all, polymer based products and technologies are integral to logistical operations within the commercial and industrial sectors), these technologies must always be produced and handled with the utmost care.  It is imperative that domestic and multi-national corporations lead the way in the adoption of green manufacturing practices—and Carlisle TyrFil is proud to implement technologies, formulations and materials handling practices that help to further protect our planet wherever possible.

What does this entail?

Carlisle TyrFil has been the industry’s leading supplier of polyurethane tire fill technology for the Off-the-Road (OTR) heavy commercial and industrial vehicle industry for more than 50 years.  Our product solutions service the construction, mining, waste management, agriculture and military fields.  While earthmoving machinery is absolutely fundamental to these industries, TyrFil and our Recycling Processing Systems can help play a role in making these vertical sectors more eco-friendly.

Carlisle TyrFil utilizes signature recycling technology and equipment across our OEM and aftermarket dealer network.  This includes our TyrFil™ Recycling Processing Equipment – the AutoFil Recycler System, Belt Drive, and Green Machine.  The AutoFil Machine is a sustainable flatproofing solution that delivers a Closed-Loop System to help lower carbon footprint emissions, while also reducing overall production costs.

Specific environmental protection benefits to using this technology include:

  • Recycling and using up to 65% post-consumer tire fill
  • Eliminating up to 65% of the petrochemicals (including oil) normally required to fill an Off-the-Road (OTR) tire
  • Keeping used tire fill out of landfills and eliminating landfill disposal fees

Carlisle TyrFil is now the only tire fill manufacturer in the industry to offer a comprehensive line of recycling processing equipment.  This equipment has made it possible to keep more than 150 million pounds of tire fill out of landfills.  Our AutoFil and Green Machine Recycling Processing Equipment mixes virgin TyrFil™ with either used tire flatproofing, crumb rubber, or even previously mixed materials, eliminating the environmental impact of sending used polyurethane and used rubber to the landfill.

In addition to the innovative Recycling Equipment, Carlisle offers TyrFil™ EcoFil (which offers a water-based fill and recycled material), which has been able to help reduce petrochemical production and waste by 75% of what has been traditionally used in tire flatproofing applications.

Our TyrFil solution helps to bring “second life” use to what would otherwise be discarded tire carcasses.  Our AutoFil and Green Machine systems have been field-proven for more than a decade to meter and mix controlled amounts of virgin liquid tire fill and granulated tire fill to a homogenous TyrFil™ flatproofing mixture that fills the tire exactly the same as virgin liquid tire fill.  Typical materials used include 1) granulated recycled fill, 2) rubber crumb, and 3) rubber crumb and recycled fill mix.

We are committed to continuing to bring the most advanced sustainable practices to the tire technology industry—and to the many manufacturing and integrated verticals we serve.  As part of our commitment to striving for more responsible ecological balance, Carlisle TyrFil also proudly partners with the nation’s oldest eco-conservation and reforestation entity, American Forests, to help reforest our national parks that have been damaged by drought, natural disasters and wildfire.  Carlisle plants one new tree for every tote of product purchased by our OEMs and dealers—and this “One Tote, One Tree” campaign is a program we have been participating in for many years along with our valued dealer partners.

To learn more about Carlisle TyrFil sustainable practices, please read more here.

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